It’s 2016!!

A fresh start is upon us once again. Along with it comes excitement, hopes, aspirations, goals and of course new resolutions. I was thinking of sitting down and making a list, but that would go against my goal for 2016. My resolution for 2016 is simple: JUST DO IT (sorry Nike, I need to borrow this)  Don’t plan, write, think about what I want….JUST DO IT. My ever-wise husband often jokes that I could have two or three things checked off my to-do list in the time I take to write it down. (If you know him, you know he is almost always correct). Taking better care of myself and my health, getting better organized, not sweating the small stuff, more quality hands-on time with the kiddos, date nights with my hubby……….I’m just doing it!

(and yes, I did write it down this once, but that doesn’t count)

Happy New Year and I hope 2016 is a great year!!



The Christmas Jitters

So, here’s the thing, I love Christmas. I love the colours, lights, visiting, food, spirit, snow, decorations, I love it all.

Unfortunately, I find myself struggling during the holidays with the balance of necessity vs want, especially when it comes to my children. And I’m not just referring to toys and presents, but the spending, the hype, the insanity, the excessiveness of it all.

Bottom line: I am in charge. I have to control myself and like always the kids will follow my lead. Remember this Mama!!! (especially when entering Michaels! ha ha) .

Maybe in my continuing effort to bring some simplicity to the season, I will suggest to C1 that we decorate our plant behind our tv in lieu of a Christmas tree, because I honestly have no clue how to prevent a 14 month old from tearing it down!!!


We’ve packed in as much summer fruit and fall bounty as we could. Winter is upon, and with all the fresh goodies gobbled up it’s back to the kitchen to get creative with snack-time. C1 is forever telling me about all the treats kids have at lunch, his favourite being chocolate dipped granola bars. While I’m not ready to give in and feed him straight up sugar-covered-sugar for morning snack, I am willing to compromise. This is a less nutritious recipe to what we normally make but at least the ingredients are real.


Oh yes, we also added some mini m&ms!!

Chicken Cordon Bleu Bake

On Friday I had both leftover chicken and ham in the fridge. I had Pinned this recipe a while back, and with my new obsession of swiss cheese I had all the ingredients required for this Chicken Cordon Bleu Bake recipe:

I did make a few changes (sweet onion mustard instead of dijon and regular italian breadcrumbs instead of panko crumbs) it was super tasty but very very rich. We had leftovers today for lunch and cooked and mixed in some plain pasta for a cordon-bleu mac and cheese? ha ha It was gobbled up, so the recipe will be archived!

crdon bleu

Hello October


Fall starts in September, it gets all the credit, the excitement, the hype, but let’s face it, it’s wind-down time. In September we are holding on to the last days of summer, still bbqing, wearing shorts, drinking lemonade. October is when the good stuff starts. Cold nights,colourful leaves, scarves, apples, pumpkins, baking!!! HELLO OCTOBER!!! I have let go of September and I am ready to embrace you!!

Taking Stock :: September

Making: applesauce

Drinking: coffee

Reading: Girl on The Train – Paula Hawkins

Wanting: things to slow down

Looking: at a few leaves on the ground (eek)

Playing: doggie (kids crawl around, I throw pretend bones – hey, it works!)

Wasting: fresh veggies, they are so plentiful

Wishing: summer was longer

Enjoying: all my nights out and visits with friends

Waiting: for the next two weekends of wedding fun

Liking: this weather, hot days, cool nights

Sewing: sleepsacks

Wondering: how Sr. Kingergarten is going to be

Loving: my little family in our own little world

Hoping: we are able to get out and enjoy the fall

Marvelling: at how dirty my floor gets in ONE day

Needing: a pedicure

Smelling: salmon cooking (mmmm)

Wearing: jeans, long sleeve, scarf (first fallish day)

Following: Pinterest for school lunch ideas

Noticing: my long hair

Knowing: this fall will also fly by

Thinking: about redoing my bathroom

Feeling: happy to spend so much time with my girlfriends this fall

Bookmarking: little girl room ideas

Opening: more red wine (mmmmm)

Giggling: at my hubby

Feeling: so happy and content