Taking Stock :: February

Making: car seat ponchos (likely for next year now….shesh)

Cooking: eggs, eggbakes, frittatas, quiche, egg cups, etc. with a never-ending supply of free range eggs from the gals (Chickaletta & Ruby) we are protein packin’

Drinking: pear lychee tea

Reading: The Last Testament by Sam Bourne

Wanting: a chocolate bar (lyndt sea salt dark chocolate)

Looking: for a square foldable card table for our new table tent (apparently not so popular any more)

Playing: board games! C1 is finally old enough to be interested and has the attention span

Wasting: my mornings (sleeping in, means no hot coffee & book quiet time for mama)

Waiting: for my mom to hurry up and get home already, she is missing out on fun with the kiddos (and yes mom, I know you are counting the days)

Enjoying: this “winter” we are having. Enough snow to play for a few days and then warm sunny spring like days for walks and vitamin d

Wishing: I had more time to spend with all my amazing friends whom I am missing

Liking: that I’ve been able to trade my unproductive internet time for reading and projects once again

Sewing: car seat ponchos & receiving blankets

Wondering: how C2 is going to make out at pre-school eek!!

Loving: the energy I have from exercising and eating well

Hoping: to find “our” house soon

Marveling: at how happy I am to be getting rid of baby stuff (exersaucers, jumperoos etc.) even though we’re not sure we’re “done”

Needing: a haircut

Smelling: fresh sheets (I used the clothesline in February!!!)

Wearing: matchy matchy Winner’s jammies

Following: a toddler up and down the stairs (she’s amazed and I’m happy we only have one set)

Noticing: the days getting longer (light until after 5:30 whoo hoo)

Knowing: its all gonna fly by….

Thinking: about some more mini vay-cays we can take with the kiddos

Feeling: awesome…really learning that you get back what you put in

Bookmarking: healthy recipes and bathroom ideas (grey or white vanity?)

Opening: lots of basement bins in an effort to declutter and purge

Giggling: at C3’s facial expressions and how she can crack up the whole table at suppertime

Thankful: for everyone’s health











Taking Stock :: June

Making: donation piles

Cooking: chocolate avocado muffins & rhubarb squares

Drinking: lemonade

Reading: nothing but story books

Wanting: a pergola for our deck

Looking: for decent outdoor rugs

Playing: dress up, non-stop

Wasting: cucumbers (no one really likes them)

Wishing: my sisters and I lived in the same town

Enjoying: my “mommy nights” out

Waiting: for September; besties and weddings

Liking: this weather, hot days, cool nights

Sewing: maxi skirts

Wondering: why these kids have to grow so fast

Loving: the bond growing between C2 & C3

Hoping: I survive the summer with three kiddos at home (eek ha ha)

Marvelling: at how dirty my house can get in one single day

Needing: a pedicure

Smelling: rhubarb squares

Wearing: maxi skirt, tank

Following: 21 day challenge

Noticing: my weight loss (yippee)

Knowing: that the summer will fly by

Thinking: about my brother a lot lately

Feeling: good, eating healthy =feeling healthy

Bookmarking: grey & white decor (bathroom)

Opening: another container of dates….nature’s candy

Giggling: at C1’s imagination at our made-up story time

Feeling: excited for summer fun

Taking Stock :: May

Making: piles of fresh lined dried clothes
Cooking: hard boiled eggs (my new go-to snack)
Drinking: water (and less coffee – yay)
Reading: C1’s school books
Wanting: a home in the country
Looking: you guessed it, for a home in the country
Playing: eye spy
Wasting: lettuce. I buy it, store it, compost it
Wishing: all my girlfriends lived in my neighbourhood….I’d even take same City

Enjoying: the flowers and spring growth
Waiting: to preview our family photos
Liking: stores having actual cute, wearable clothes this year

Knitting: the needles have been put away until fall

Sewing: a maxi skirt (and have been for the last month HA)
Wondering: if we will still be in this house next summer
Loving: my smiling baby, my outdoor loving middle child, my wise adventurous first born
Hoping: my C’s don’t have my allergies (testing kiwi this weekend)
Marveling: at the fact that my nephew turned 19 today – seriously snuck up on me
Needing: a haircut

Smelling: fresh cut grass (its baaaack)
Wearing: my new Costco jammies
Following: my new health regime (1st 21 day challenge completed and almost 30 pounds gone)
Noticing: how amazing my husband is
Knowing: C3 is going to be crawling around this house in no time
Thinking: about the beach
Feeling: excited for summer
Bookmarking: deck privacy ideas
Opening: stored clothing bins (purge time)
Giggling: at C2’s hilarious expressions and character
Feeling: tired (goodnight)

Taking Stock :: March

Making: a mess organizing kid clothes yet again
Cooking: cinnamon roll bars
Drinking: coffee, no surprise
Reading: Still Alice – Lisa Genova
Wanting: warm weather
Looking: for a grey bridesmaid dress
Playing: scooby-doo, I do the best “Shaggy”
Wasting: precious nap times
Wishing: for more stay-at-home-nothing-to-do-weekends (like this one)
Enjoying: a babe napping on my lap while I waste time on the internet
Waiting: for March Break
Liking: chevron print anything

Knitting: cute little headbands

Sewing: sleepsacks and pillowcase dresses
Wondering: how C2 is really doing at daycare
Loving: my giant box of Florida oranges
Hoping: C2 clicks with the potty training soon
Marveling: at the fact that I have three children?!?!
Needing: a bigger kitchen
Smelling: baby, taking big whiffs of it
Wearing: leather moccasin booties my husband brought home for me one cold winter’s night xo
Following: friends and family on Facebook
Noticing: how good life is.
Knowing: spring is around the corner
Thinking: about all the spring clothes…yippee!
Feeling: loved.
Bookmarking: new house/decorating ideas
Opening: more almond butter
Giggling: at C1’s stories from school
Feeling: content

Taking Stock :: February

Making : a whole lotta mess while cleaning out and organizing closets

Baking: banana sour cream cake with cream cheese frosting
Drinking : water (but mostly coffee today)
Reading :  Clara Callan by Richard B. Wright

Listening: to the country station (hubby wants to familiarize himself with some “new” country)

Wanting : to put  a dent in my l-o-n-g to-do list

Looking : at my walls and realizing I need to get C3 pictures up there

Sharing : pots of coffee with hubby this weekend (hence catching up on my water eek)
Playing : “Frozen” ie pulling out jewelry and blankets so the kiddies can have necklaces and cloaks to dance around the living room in

Wishing : my girlfriends (and sissys) lived closer

Enjoying : the cold weather and using it as an excuse to stay shacked up in comfy clothes with my family

Waiting : for all three to wake up from naptime so we can snuggle

Liking : that C2 is finally at the age where she can participate in crafts and organized activities with C1
Wondering : if C2 is going to get the hang of this potty business
Loving : our happy, sweet, angel of a baby who smiles, cooes and sleeps through the night
Hoping: my kiddos will be friends as they get older
Marveling: at how big C3 is (wearing C2 that she wore at 8 months!!)
Needing : to clean

Smelling : coffee…mmmm

Wearing : sweater dress (that I stole from my sister-in-laws closet) tights and slippers

Following : friends on Pinterest, man I love that website (just found out you can send pins to friends – whaat?)
Noticing : a fierce personality on C2
Craving : sunshine, the grey is making me lazy
Bookmarking : valentine’s day crafts

Opening: another bag of milk, we should invest in a cow

Feeling: heavy, still working at getting some of this weight off

Taking Stock :: January 2015

Making: piles to donate
Drinking: water
Reading: Today’s Parent
Wanting: my house to clean itself
Looking: at Christmas decorations to be put away
Playing: with a lot of puzzles
Wishing: my mom could swing by for supper….she’s in Thailand
Enjoying: the smiles of the happiest baby I have ever seen
Waiting: for everyone to be back to good health
Liking: the plaid blanket scarves that are in style this year
Wondering: who C3 is going to look like
Loving: having Daddy home every day this holiday
Hoping: one bout of sickness is all our house will get this season
Marveling: at how fast this babe is growing
Needing: pants, jeans…..not leggings or skinny tights…just normal pants!
Smelling: stinky toots (good thing this babe is so cute)
Wearing: new Christmas comfies
Following: new Pinterest friends
Noticing: grey hairs
Thinking: as usual, how lucky we are
Bookmarking: winter toddler activities
Opening: new undies and socks
Feeling: heavy, need to get some weight off
Thankful: for awesome family to care for us while sick (thanks Nanny)

December :: Taking Stock

Making : a Christmas wreath (Pinterest win?)

Drinking : coffee (probably too much)
Reading : nothing (sorry bookclub)
Wanting : my mom to be home for Christmas
Looking : at our wonderfully imperfect kid decorated tree
Sharing : everything I eat (I’m followed by a little girl with a big appetite)
Playing : “let’s clean up and donate some of our toys” (I often play alone)

Sewing : matching sleepsacks for my little ladies

Wishing : for a safe and healthy Christmas

Enjoying : the arrival of December and all the excitement it bring for kiddies

Waiting : for eye-teeth (come on you little bastards)

Liking : this mild weather (makes bus stop trips less bundled)
Wondering : who C3 is going to look like (she’s totally different then C1, C2)
Loving : family time and starting new traditions with mine
Hoping : that C1’s thoughtfulness and kindness rubs off on his siblings (such a sweetheart)
Marveling : at how an almost 2 month old babe lights up and smiles at the sound of her brother and sister’s voices (melts my heart)
Needing : a hair-cut and some new duds
Smelling : freshly bathed Burt’s Bees baby
Wearing : stretch pants, t-shirt and my housecoat (mom uniform?)

Following : the mom-swap a little too closely (don’t need anymore crap!)
Noticing : how chubby our baby girl is getting
Craving : a mint hot chocolate from Starbucks
Bookmarking : Christmas cookie recipes
Opening : boxes of Christmas decorations
Feeling : excited. Christmas becomes magical again once you have children