Naptime Sprint

I am not overly talented, nor athletic, however if there were an Olympic event labelled “Naptime Sprint” I think I would have a shot at the podium. With three small kiddos I heavily rely on naptime to get things accomplished. Somedays I choose to “nurse” long after C3 is asleep and surf the internet, but most days I give a tuck-in and RUN! (seriously) All three peeps are home on this snowy Saturday, with hubby away and a pending play-date tomorrow I needed to get a few things accomplished. During today’s nap I…….

1. Shovelled the driveway – I brought the monitor outside and literally ran back and forth shoveling the snow. I would say we had at least 10 cm in the driveway, lucky for me it was a light powdery snow (I felt like ironwoman);

2. Did two loads of laundry;

3. Changed the sheets and made two beds;

4. Washed the dishes (last night’s sticky pots and pans)

5. Made cinnamon buns (I had a certain little boy begging for them);

6. Organized a dresser (a certain baby is growing at an expediential rate);

7. Emailed a bestie, surfed Pinterest, had a Facebook check-in and updated a certain blog.

MOM FOR THE WIN………….now for another cup of coffee. Sitting down with a hot cup will guarantee at least one waking up, and quite frankly I could use a cuddle 🙂



Rainy Saturday

I love a random rainy Saturday with no plans. Today I stayed in my jammies until 1pm. Daddy and C1 went for a bike ride while C2 and I napped, I cleaned out closets, did some laundry, turned our living room floor into sea of blankets and pillows and we had a family movie afternoon (Daddy may have nodded off) complete with cuddles and a picnic. We played in the leaves and made fall soup (with leaves and mud of course). I want to call it a lazy day, but I can’t really as we did get quite a lot accomplished. I love days like today. It was a calm before the storm………..cause let’s face it, things are going to get hectic in the near future.

I have been spending a bit of time cuddled up at nights with my tablet surfing Pinterest. We tried a few recipes out this weekend, and, like most, they came out awesome. We made these pork-chops for supper:

And made this for dessert:


we omitted the pineapple and nuts and added raisins and it was amazing!!!

A bath, play wrestle, stories and a tuck in later and here I am………..feet up in a quiet house. Daddio and I have set 10pm as the adult bedtime!

It sure is nice to have a quiet house and free time…………..but that is highly over-rated…….I’d like a baby now please 🙂



The “me” I always wanted

I was walking through the mall today and I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror as I walked by. I immediately stopped and assessed the girl looking back at me: stretch capris, birkenstocks, striped shirt, hair in a pony-tail, and not a stitch of make-up on. I sighed and thought “man, I have let myself go, I should have at least put some cover-up on and brushed my hair before heading to the mall”. But then I looked up again, and it hit me. I was the “me” I always wanted. Reflecting back at me was a mom who got to go to the mall in the middle of the day while I was stuck at work with only an hour to rush around and get what I needed. It was the mom who got to wear comfy clothes and didn’t have to spend 20 minutes putting make-up on and making sure her hair looked professional. It was the mom who has two beautiful happy smiling children by her side and a few bags of goodies she actually had time to browse and shop for. I was staring at the girl who I used to be jealous of. Today is was really nice to run into the “me” that I always wanted, frizzy pony tail and all………….what a lucky gal 🙂

Busy with…

My sister called and gave me heck for not updating my blog. “What are you doing that you are too busy to blog?” she asked jokingly. Well………..

a lot of this:


diapers, diapers and oh, a few more diapers…..but thank god for the power of the sun. I love WHITE whites


a little of this:

P1140986 P1140985

berry picking with my littles, despite the empty baskets a few made it home


too much of this:



I better not see another strawberry until June 2015! Jam, baked goods and even a head start on some baby puree for C3


just enough of this:


caffeine and quiet time with my hubby


a perfect amount of:

P1140693 P1140702 P1140728 P1140811 P1150005 P1150076

time with family and friends, enjoying the summer and the sunshine


which leaves us all needing lots of this:


………..until another quiet night or rainy day ~ get out there and enjoy your summer!!

Exploring the Bump

C2 and C3 have been very interested in my bump as it grows. C2 has been through this before and I am surprised at how much he remembers. A year can be a long time for a little kid. He is telling C3 about the baby in mom’s belly and explaining that we have to be gentle and give it hugs and kisses, oh, and of course, take a peak in the belly button, because as every little person suspects, it IS in that little hole! ha

babes belly


Big Boy

This week we took our big boy to school. That’s right SCHOOL! It was the parent and child information night. I thought I was ready. Excited even. Turns out I was the was overwhelmed and everyone else was fine. C1, C2 and C3 played at the exercise stations while I took in all the info. The teachers were amazing. Two female teachers who seemed full of energy and very fun. I already signed up to volunteer in the classroom (yes, I am THAT mom) and took down a short mental list of the things that will make both teacher and student’s life easier. (For anyone with kids starting school take note)

– easy to open, labelled lunch containers (snack 1, snack 2)

– velcro shoes

– no snap or tough zippered pants

– limit buttons when possible

– mabel labels on everything

C2 may be, but am I ready for him to go to school???



Free Weekend

We started our weekend with no plans, no daddy (headed to Kingston for two shows), no cleaning or laundry to be completed and no yard work to do (gasp! with all the beautiful weather we are all caught up) Could it possibly be? A completely free weekend with nothing to do? You bet! Funny how you can fill your time so quickly……

On Saturday We:

  • Went grocery shopping at 7:30 am (thank you Metro for being open early and luring us in with your fresh baked bread) 
  • Wandered through our Farmer’s Market (Ptbo’s is awesome) picked up lots of fresh veggies (kale, asparagus, lettuce) and a few non-veggie items (a homemade donut and some Taste of Russia perogies) 
  • Stopped at Fabricland (I did exercise restraint) and purchased some new fabric for C2’s lightweight summer sleeping bag/sack (this kid always needs to be sleeping in a bag of sorts) 
  • Purchased some balloons for a Pinterest project (see pictures below) 
  • Visited with the neighbours 
  • Walked to the park 
  • Snuggled in bed and read Alligator Pie 
  • talked about our favorite parts of the day

On Sunday We: 

  • Slept in
  • Made berry kale smoothies
  • Played in the backyard (filled the sand and water table up and then proceeded to empty it of  all its contents – that’s a boy for ya)
  • Played in our cozy cottage
  • Made fruit and coconut water popsicle (just chop up fruit, place inside a popsicle mold and fill with coconut water, freeze) 
  • Had a two-hour family nap
  • Visited with Daddy when he came home
  • BBQ’d yet another awesome dinner
  • Went for a family walk and a trip to the park

Perfection. I think we may start having “free weekends” more often.