Anyone who knows me, knows very well that I love homemade, homemade anything. Whether it be food, gifts, clothes, there is just something so special about receiving an item that was made made for you, with you in mind. For Christmas this year my wonderful mother-in-law (if you know her you obviously agree) knit our family sweaters (well hubby’s technically wasn’t for Christmas, although he loves it so much he now has two in different colours). C1 will fight me to take his off, I can slide C2’s on over her pony, C3’s looks just stinkin’ adorable on her and on chilly days like today mine is a staple. Nanny taught myself and Aunt K how to knit, and let’s just say I am falling terribly behind. Stay tuned for another post showcasing Aunt K’s amazing knitted blankets (to die for!!)



I love Winter. I love all seasons really, but one of the main reasons I love Winter is for the cuddling and snuggling under warm blankets. Nothing beats that! When C2 was a babe someone gave him a cuddle fleece snowman blanket and he literally dragged it around until Claire was born. He decided he would give it to her as a gift (melts your heart doesn’t it?) so I thought I would make him a new snowman blanket for his gesture. The thing with having two kids however Β is that you can’t make something for one without the other. So two snowman blankies it is πŸ™‚


Testing them out was another excuse to cuddle (and watch an old Disney Classic)!


Today I…..

Slept In

Had a nice breakfast with my family

Finished my apron (has a bit of a retro feel to it)


Did laundry (loads of it)

Baked Pumpkin Cranberry Nut loaf (no recipe to pass along as NOT all Pinterest recipes are winners)

It tasted how it looked…meh


Gave my baby tofu for the first time

Sat on the couch and read stories and cuddled

A good day.


Bins and bins of craft supplies are on the chopping block. Use it up or out it goes. Pinterest has been helping.

1 pool noodle cut to size

duct tape


felt flowers

straight pins

Wreath 3

The result, a not so shabby wreath. I used white and pinned the flowers instead of gluing so that I can change with the seasons. I am a lazy crafter πŸ™‚

Wreath 2