I took a little time……

I took a little hiatus from my blog. I took a little time for “me”. Every time I turned the computer on I would see that “you can’t pour from an empty cup” quote, and, as we all know, it’s true. The funny thing is that I spend so much time (mostly all of my time) doing things for my kids and family (cooking, cleaning, getting crafts set up, having activities and toys ready for when they woke up, came home from school etc.) that at the end of the day I was exhausted. When the kids did wake up, or came home from school, I was tired, sometimes grumpy and short with them. Doesn’t add up right? Pretty much the opposite of what I was going for.

I’ve been getting up earlier in the morning (who knew that actually GIVES you more energy………seriously, who’s been withholding this information?) It truly IS a game-changer. Having time in the morning to shower, get ready, drink a hot coffee, read a few pages of my book, play on my tablet, make lunches etc. Then when those wee-me’s wake up, I am READY for them. It sets the mood for the day.

I’ve also been eating A LOT healthier and exercising regularly. Spring gives you a boost. (what is it about Winter that makes you want to curl up on the couch and eat crap? damn you Winter) I have been following the 21 day fix program. Clean, healthy eating. Fresh fruit, veggies, whole grains, protein. No packaged crap, no junk. You know the deal, you get what you put in.

I have also been doing more of what I love to do. I have been gobbling up books. I think I have read more in the last 3 months then I did all last year. When the girls go down for their nap I tidy up, do what I need to accomplish and then spend the rest of nap enjoying a coffee and reading. Pure. Bliss. I have also been baking, sewing here and there and relaxing in our hammock (why do I feel like I am slacking when I do this, honestly, it’s better than a nap).

My kids (and husband) have all noticed the change. Not that I was an impatient grump before, but I am definitely far more patient and chill when I am getting what I need. At the end of the day I still have energy for an impromptu trip to the park or to spend those extra twenty minutes snuggling in bed, reading books and giggling with them.

Taking better care of myself makes me a better mother. Plain and simple. If you are NOT taking care of yourself………..do better. You deserve it.



One thought on “I took a little time……

  1. mom says:

    You bet your life you’re worth it… Amy you tore up the book on parenting and wrote your own… because you never cease to amaze me… you are the kindest, most caring, loving and devoted mother ……my goodness if I could only accredit 100 of a percent of my parenting to you…. I would be a very happy mom

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