Taking Stock :: June

Making: piles to donate (what else is new? I’ve given half our house away this winter and I STILL have more to give away)

Cooking: lots of bbq’ing around here lately (tenderloin and chicken mainly)

Drinking: Pink Grapefruit flavoured sparkling water (do yourself a favour, go buy some. President’s Choice Blue Menu)

Reading: “You” by Caroline Kepnes

Looking: for light fixtures (that are not ultra modern and not ugly…daunting task)

Playing: truly nothing these days……kids are outside most of the time and have an easy time occupying themselves in the backyard (swings, water table, sand table…..no “mom” required)

Wasting: time on the internet when I should be checking off the to-do list

Waiting: for school to be over, so many fun things to do with my C-man

Enjoying: my mother’s day bench, sitting and reading with my coffee outside in the morning

Wishing: for sunshine this weekend

Liking: the rain today (no guilt for not being outside)

Sewing: pillowcase dresses for the girls

Wondering: when my bathroom will be finished (cripes!)

Loving: being able to go out for a walk at 8:30-9pm after kiddies are in bed and chores and done (yay summer)

Hoping: our neighbours sell their house to a young family

Marveling: at how one child can so quickly pick up the habit of another…….

Needing: new sandals

Smelling: the “other” neighbours laundry detergent (yecck! they use some ridiculous tropical chemical crap storm detergent and it wafts into our yard ( a combo of hanging out in Bath & Body Works, and old lady in an antique shop kinda smell….)

Wearing: striped tunic and black crops

Following: Pinterest pins for summer ideas

Noticing: how tall C1 is

Knowing: summer will be gone before it even gets here!!

Thinking: about cottage week already

Feeling: accomplished (gutted ALL the closets in the house)

Bookmarking: BOOKS, so so many books I want to read. I have a line-up ready to go

Opening: package after package of blueberries, my kids are addicted

Giggling: at C2’s laugh. Full. Belly. Chuckle!

Thankful: for my hardworking husband


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