coconut + chocolate

I’ve been on a coconut kick as of late. With nothing sweet in the house I consulted Pinterest. Really….why do I do this??? 

I found a recipe so easy I don’t even need to include the link.

Bounty Bars

3 cups of coconut

1 cup of sweetened condensed milk

any kind of chocolate you can melt (I used 2 cups of melting chocolate wafers from Bulk Barn)

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Taking Stock :: February

Making: car seat ponchos (likely for next year now….shesh)

Cooking: eggs, eggbakes, frittatas, quiche, egg cups, etc. with a never-ending supply of free range eggs from the gals (Chickaletta & Ruby) we are protein packin’

Drinking: pear lychee tea

Reading: The Last Testament by Sam Bourne

Wanting: a chocolate bar (lyndt sea salt dark chocolate)

Looking: for a square foldable card table for our new table tent (apparently not so popular any more)

Playing: board games! C1 is finally old enough to be interested and has the attention span

Wasting: my mornings (sleeping in, means no hot coffee & book quiet time for mama)

Waiting: for my mom to hurry up and get home already, she is missing out on fun with the kiddos (and yes mom, I know you are counting the days)

Enjoying: this “winter” we are having. Enough snow to play for a few days and then warm sunny spring like days for walks and vitamin d

Wishing: I had more time to spend with all my amazing friends whom I am missing

Liking: that I’ve been able to trade my unproductive internet time for reading and projects once again

Sewing: car seat ponchos & receiving blankets

Wondering: how C2 is going to make out at pre-school eek!!

Loving: the energy I have from exercising and eating well

Hoping: to find “our” house soon

Marveling: at how happy I am to be getting rid of baby stuff (exersaucers, jumperoos etc.) even though we’re not sure we’re “done”

Needing: a haircut

Smelling: fresh sheets (I used the clothesline in February!!!)

Wearing: matchy matchy Winner’s jammies

Following: a toddler up and down the stairs (she’s amazed and I’m happy we only have one set)

Noticing: the days getting longer (light until after 5:30 whoo hoo)

Knowing: its all gonna fly by….

Thinking: about some more mini vay-cays we can take with the kiddos

Feeling: awesome…really learning that you get back what you put in

Bookmarking: healthy recipes and bathroom ideas (grey or white vanity?)

Opening: lots of basement bins in an effort to declutter and purge

Giggling: at C3’s facial expressions and how she can crack up the whole table at suppertime

Thankful: for everyone’s health