Books make me happy. I am going to read more books. I have always been a reader but with three kiddos to look after I have not made it a priority in the past few months. I am apart of a friend’s book club, and while I find it a good way to read titles I wouldn’t normally choose myself, I do cheat and read my own picks on the side.

A co-worker and friend gave me a book for my birthday in 2003. It is a Reader’s Journal where you can log books read. I have diligently been logging the year, title and author along with where the book came from (library, borrowed, purchased) since 2003. It’s fun to look back on titles you have forgotten about, and to jog your memory.


I’ve been pulling a “mom” so far in 2016 (my mom will lie in bed, sometimes until 2am reading a good book) and curling up with a book in bed, often losing track of time. I read “Inside The O’Brien’s” by Lisa Genova (previously read her “Still Alice” for book club) and it was fantastic. It was about a family enduring Huntington’s Disease. I am currently working on “The Winter Folly” by LuLu Taylor and I can’t seem to put it down.

Here’s to more good books in 2016!




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