It’s 2016!!

A fresh start is upon us once again. Along with it comes excitement, hopes, aspirations, goals and of course new resolutions. I was thinking of sitting down and making a list, but that would go against my goal for 2016. My resolution for 2016 is simple: JUST DO IT (sorry Nike, I need to borrow this)  Don’t plan, write, think about what I want….JUST DO IT. My ever-wise husband often jokes that I could have two or three things checked off my to-do list in the time I take to write it down. (If you know him, you know he is almost always correct). Taking better care of myself and my health, getting better organized, not sweating the small stuff, more quality hands-on time with the kiddos, date nights with my hubby……….I’m just doing it!

(and yes, I did write it down this once, but that doesn’t count)

Happy New Year and I hope 2016 is a great year!!



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  1. mom says:

    Good luck in all your endeavors for 2016. You have always been a loving, caring, and thoughtful individual, and now you are reaping the benefits of your kindness by being blessed with a wonderful family to surround you.

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