I have a cold……

and not the cute, rosy-cheeked, sniffly, I need a tea cold. I have a red dry nose, baggy eye, dry flem, crabby cold. The ugly cold. All this after I spent my evening at my holistic health wellness class on seasonal eating and eating for health. Ironic no?

However, as every mom is full aware…mama bears don’t get to be sick (unless hospitalized ha!) So I will suck it up. Eat some of this stew http://www.udderlyfit.com/beef-and-butternut-squash-stew/ I made the other day, and use today as an opportunity to cuddle on the couch and watch Frozen for the 17th time. No guilt today……mom’s having a working sick day!!!!


The problem with a good book…..

I just finished reading “The Winter Folly” by Lulu Taylor. It was around 5oo pages and I swallowed it whole. It consumed our lives for two days (sneaking to the bathroom, putting on a Disney movie to keep the kids in one room, staying up to an ungodly hour).

It was a great book, but there’s a problem with a good book. It fills you with a such a high, a good page turner that you can’t put down, can’t stop thinking about. You can’t stop reading yet you want it to last. You read it, then it’s done. High then low. Then you want to pile yourself into another great book right away…..but it never seems as good at the time.  Reader’s problems huh?



Books make me happy. I am going to read more books. I have always been a reader but with three kiddos to look after I have not made it a priority in the past few months. I am apart of a friend’s book club, and while I find it a good way to read titles I wouldn’t normally choose myself, I do cheat and read my own picks on the side.

A co-worker and friend gave me a book for my birthday in 2003. It is a Reader’s Journal where you can log books read. I have diligently been logging the year, title and author along with where the book came from (library, borrowed, purchased) since 2003. It’s fun to look back on titles you have forgotten about, and to jog your memory.


I’ve been pulling a “mom” so far in 2016 (my mom will lie in bed, sometimes until 2am reading a good book) and curling up with a book in bed, often losing track of time. I read “Inside The O’Brien’s” by Lisa Genova (previously read her “Still Alice” for book club) and it was fantastic. It was about a family enduring Huntington’s Disease. I am currently working on “The Winter Folly” by LuLu Taylor and I can’t seem to put it down.

Here’s to more good books in 2016!




It’s 2016!!

A fresh start is upon us once again. Along with it comes excitement, hopes, aspirations, goals and of course new resolutions. I was thinking of sitting down and making a list, but that would go against my goal for 2016. My resolution for 2016 is simple: JUST DO IT (sorry Nike, I need to borrow this)  Don’t plan, write, think about what I want….JUST DO IT. My ever-wise husband often jokes that I could have two or three things checked off my to-do list in the time I take to write it down. (If you know him, you know he is almost always correct). Taking better care of myself and my health, getting better organized, not sweating the small stuff, more quality hands-on time with the kiddos, date nights with my hubby……….I’m just doing it!

(and yes, I did write it down this once, but that doesn’t count)

Happy New Year and I hope 2016 is a great year!!