The Christmas Jitters

So, here’s the thing, I love Christmas. I love the colours, lights, visiting, food, spirit, snow, decorations, I love it all.

Unfortunately, I find myself struggling during the holidays with the balance of necessity vs want, especially when it comes to my children. And I’m not just referring to toys and presents, but the spending, the hype, the insanity, the excessiveness of it all.

Bottom line: I am in charge. I have to control myself and like always the kids will follow my lead. Remember this Mama!!! (especially when entering Michaels! ha ha) .

Maybe in my continuing effort to bring some simplicity to the season, I will suggest to C1 that we decorate our plant behind our tv in lieu of a Christmas tree, because I honestly have no clue how to prevent a 14 month old from tearing it down!!!


One thought on “The Christmas Jitters

  1. mom says:

    Best idea ever, I knew I was watering that plant for twenty years for a reason…. best dust it off good first… and never forget….. mama loves ya

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