Taking Stock :: September

Making: applesauce

Drinking: coffee

Reading: Girl on The Train – Paula Hawkins

Wanting: things to slow down

Looking: at a few leaves on the ground (eek)

Playing: doggie (kids crawl around, I throw pretend bones – hey, it works!)

Wasting: fresh veggies, they are so plentiful

Wishing: summer was longer

Enjoying: all my nights out and visits with friends

Waiting: for the next two weekends of wedding fun

Liking: this weather, hot days, cool nights

Sewing: sleepsacks

Wondering: how Sr. Kingergarten is going to be

Loving: my little family in our own little world

Hoping: we are able to get out and enjoy the fall

Marvelling: at how dirty my floor gets in ONE day

Needing: a pedicure

Smelling: salmon cooking (mmmm)

Wearing: jeans, long sleeve, scarf (first fallish day)

Following: Pinterest for school lunch ideas

Noticing: my long hair

Knowing: this fall will also fly by

Thinking: about redoing my bathroom

Feeling: happy to spend so much time with my girlfriends this fall

Bookmarking: little girl room ideas

Opening: more red wine (mmmmm)

Giggling: at my hubby

Feeling: so happy and content


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