Taking Stock :: June

Making: donation piles

Cooking: chocolate avocado muffins & rhubarb squares

Drinking: lemonade

Reading: nothing but story books

Wanting: a pergola for our deck

Looking: for decent outdoor rugs

Playing: dress up, non-stop

Wasting: cucumbers (no one really likes them)

Wishing: my sisters and I lived in the same town

Enjoying: my “mommy nights” out

Waiting: for September; besties and weddings

Liking: this weather, hot days, cool nights

Sewing: maxi skirts

Wondering: why these kids have to grow so fast

Loving: the bond growing between C2 & C3

Hoping: I survive the summer with three kiddos at home (eek ha ha)

Marvelling: at how dirty my house can get in one single day

Needing: a pedicure

Smelling: rhubarb squares

Wearing: maxi skirt, tank

Following: 21 day challenge

Noticing: my weight loss (yippee)

Knowing: that the summer will fly by

Thinking: about my brother a lot lately

Feeling: good, eating healthy =feeling healthy

Bookmarking: grey & white decor (bathroom)

Opening: another container of dates….nature’s candy

Giggling: at C1’s imagination at our made-up story time

Feeling: excited for summer fun