This morning wad a long one. Two of the three wees shared a bed with us at some point in the night. We all slept too late and awoke to a teething,grumpy toddler with a side of tired sticky mom. I didn’t get a coffee until after 10 (those who know me….I can hear your gasps from here!!) By that time I had a headache and the humidity was kicking in (ugh). I’m not one for complaining, and when I feel myself sliding into grump-mode I try and remedy it. Cue naps for ALL the girls in the house! One hour and two full litres of water later and I was good as new. Who says parents don’t need a time-out once in a while? Not sure about other kids but my little kiddos feed off my energy and mood and I set the daily precedent. We managed to turn things around and have a great afternoon. Even made some time for crafts off our summer list and banana bread!





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