Taking Stock :: May

Making: piles of fresh lined dried clothes
Cooking: hard boiled eggs (my new go-to snack)
Drinking: water (and less coffee – yay)
Reading: C1’s school books
Wanting: a home in the country
Looking: you guessed it, for a home in the country
Playing: eye spy
Wasting: lettuce. I buy it, store it, compost it
Wishing: all my girlfriends lived in my neighbourhood….I’d even take same City

Enjoying: the flowers and spring growth
Waiting: to preview our family photos
Liking: stores having actual cute, wearable clothes this year

Knitting: the needles have been put away until fall

Sewing: a maxi skirt (and have been for the last month HA)
Wondering: if we will still be in this house next summer
Loving: my smiling baby, my outdoor loving middle child, my wise adventurous first born
Hoping: my C’s don’t have my allergies (testing kiwi this weekend)
Marveling: at the fact that my nephew turned 19 today – seriously snuck up on me
Needing: a haircut

Smelling: fresh cut grass (its baaaack)
Wearing: my new Costco jammies
Following: my new health regime (1st 21 day challenge completed and almost 30 pounds gone)
Noticing: how amazing my husband is
Knowing: C3 is going to be crawling around this house in no time
Thinking: about the beach
Feeling: excited for summer
Bookmarking: deck privacy ideas
Opening: stored clothing bins (purge time)
Giggling: at C2’s hilarious expressions and character
Feeling: tired (goodnight)


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