This morning wad a long one. Two of the three wees shared a bed with us at some point in the night. We all slept too late and awoke to a teething,grumpy toddler with a side of tired sticky mom. I didn’t get a coffee until after 10 (those who know me….I can hear your gasps from here!!) By that time I had a headache and the humidity was kicking in (ugh). I’m not one for complaining, and when I feel myself sliding into grump-mode I try and remedy it. Cue naps for ALL the girls in the house! One hour and two full litres of water later and I was good as new. Who says parents don’t need a time-out once in a while? Not sure about other kids but my little kiddos feed off my energy and mood and I set the daily precedent. We managed to turn things around and have a great afternoon. Even made some time for crafts off our summer list and banana bread!





Taking Stock :: May

Making: piles of fresh lined dried clothes
Cooking: hard boiled eggs (my new go-to snack)
Drinking: water (and less coffee – yay)
Reading: C1’s school books
Wanting: a home in the country
Looking: you guessed it, for a home in the country
Playing: eye spy
Wasting: lettuce. I buy it, store it, compost it
Wishing: all my girlfriends lived in my neighbourhood….I’d even take same City

Enjoying: the flowers and spring growth
Waiting: to preview our family photos
Liking: stores having actual cute, wearable clothes this year

Knitting: the needles have been put away until fall

Sewing: a maxi skirt (and have been for the last month HA)
Wondering: if we will still be in this house next summer
Loving: my smiling baby, my outdoor loving middle child, my wise adventurous first born
Hoping: my C’s don’t have my allergies (testing kiwi this weekend)
Marveling: at the fact that my nephew turned 19 today – seriously snuck up on me
Needing: a haircut

Smelling: fresh cut grass (its baaaack)
Wearing: my new Costco jammies
Following: my new health regime (1st 21 day challenge completed and almost 30 pounds gone)
Noticing: how amazing my husband is
Knowing: C3 is going to be crawling around this house in no time
Thinking: about the beach
Feeling: excited for summer
Bookmarking: deck privacy ideas
Opening: stored clothing bins (purge time)
Giggling: at C2’s hilarious expressions and character
Feeling: tired (goodnight)

Remember When?

Remember when I would drag an overstuffed bag full of books home from the library and stay up far to late reading a real page-turner?

Remember when I would ditch the housework and run to my sewing machine at naptime to whip up a new apron or a homemade gift?

Remember when I would look through a cookbook, tab all the recipes I liked and spend an evening cooking and baking after all the littles were in bed?

Remember when I nursed my babe and did nothing else but gaze at her little body nuzzled up to mine?

Remember when I actually called my friends?

I don’t. I am now stepping back to admit that “The Internet” has consumed me. I am always online. I do it in the morning, when nursing, at naptime, before dinner, after bedtime……all the time. I made a rule that I would be present and not allow my kiddos to see my surfing. I thought this was a great thing, and it is, however it lead me straight to the computer or tablet everytime they went to bed. Email, Facebook, Pinterest, news, craft sites, blogs, the list goes on. Not accomplishing anything, not improving myself, just wasting precious time, wondering why I don’t have any time to do the things I used to. An hour spent “pinning” could have actually sewn something, 20 minutes on Facebook could have completed my Costco photobook, 5 minutes emailing a friend could have been a phone call.

It’s not easy. Cutting cold turkey is tough, however I am working at weaning myself from this habit that’s been stealing my productivity, creativity and time.