Taking Stock :: March

Making: a mess organizing kid clothes yet again
Cooking: cinnamon roll bars
Drinking: coffee, no surprise
Reading: Still Alice – Lisa Genova
Wanting: warm weather
Looking: for a grey bridesmaid dress
Playing: scooby-doo, I do the best “Shaggy”
Wasting: precious nap times
Wishing: for more stay-at-home-nothing-to-do-weekends (like this one)
Enjoying: a babe napping on my lap while I waste time on the internet
Waiting: for March Break
Liking: chevron print anything

Knitting: cute little headbands

Sewing: sleepsacks and pillowcase dresses
Wondering: how C2 is really doing at daycare
Loving: my giant box of Florida oranges
Hoping: C2 clicks with the potty training soon
Marveling: at the fact that I have three children?!?!
Needing: a bigger kitchen
Smelling: baby, taking big whiffs of it
Wearing: leather moccasin booties my husband brought home for me one cold winter’s night xo
Following: friends and family on Facebook
Noticing: how good life is.
Knowing: spring is around the corner
Thinking: about all the spring clothes…yippee!
Feeling: loved.
Bookmarking: new house/decorating ideas
Opening: more almond butter
Giggling: at C1’s stories from school
Feeling: content


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