Naptime Sprint

I am not overly talented, nor athletic, however if there were an Olympic event labelled “Naptime Sprint” I think I would have a shot at the podium. With three small kiddos I heavily rely on naptime to get things accomplished. Somedays I choose to “nurse” long after C3 is asleep and surf the internet, but most days I give a tuck-in and RUN! (seriously) All three peeps are home on this snowy Saturday, with hubby away and a pending play-date tomorrow I needed to get a few things accomplished. During today’s nap I…….

1. Shovelled the driveway – I brought the monitor outside and literally ran back and forth shoveling the snow. I would say we had at least 10 cm in the driveway, lucky for me it was a light powdery snow (I felt like ironwoman);

2. Did two loads of laundry;

3. Changed the sheets and made two beds;

4. Washed the dishes (last night’s sticky pots and pans)

5. Made cinnamon buns (I had a certain little boy begging for them);

6. Organized a dresser (a certain baby is growing at an expediential rate);

7. Emailed a bestie, surfed Pinterest, had a Facebook check-in and updated a certain blog.

MOM FOR THE WIN………….now for another cup of coffee. Sitting down with a hot cup will guarantee at least one waking up, and quite frankly I could use a cuddle 🙂



2 thoughts on “Naptime Sprint

  1. Megan says:

    Super Mom! I used to do that but now I have a cup of tea and watch an episode of Downton Abbey. Nick is starting to reduce his nap time. Does C1 still nap on weekends? Mail me a cinnamon bun!

  2. davecamp3 says:

    oooo I stole my mom’s box set of that, perhaps I will sneak some in tomorrow (daycare day) YES C1 will still nap most days he is not in school, he plays and sleeps hard. Days he does nap he generally stays up an hour later at night……….no cinnamon buns left, Daddy didn’t even get one……..and I wonder why I never lose any weight! ha ha mmmm

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