Taking Stock :: February

Making : a whole lotta mess while cleaning out and organizing closets

Baking: banana sour cream cake with cream cheese frosting
Drinking : water (but mostly coffee today)
Reading :  Clara Callan by Richard B. Wright

Listening: to the country station (hubby wants to familiarize himself with some “new” country)

Wanting : to put  a dent in my l-o-n-g to-do list

Looking : at my walls and realizing I need to get C3 pictures up there

Sharing : pots of coffee with hubby this weekend (hence catching up on my water eek)
Playing : “Frozen” ie pulling out jewelry and blankets so the kiddies can have necklaces and cloaks to dance around the living room in

Wishing : my girlfriends (and sissys) lived closer

Enjoying : the cold weather and using it as an excuse to stay shacked up in comfy clothes with my family

Waiting : for all three to wake up from naptime so we can snuggle

Liking : that C2 is finally at the age where she can participate in crafts and organized activities with C1
Wondering : if C2 is going to get the hang of this potty business
Loving : our happy, sweet, angel of a baby who smiles, cooes and sleeps through the night
Hoping: my kiddos will be friends as they get older
Marveling: at how big C3 is (wearing C2 that she wore at 8 months!!)
Needing : to clean

Smelling : coffee…mmmm

Wearing : sweater dress (that I stole from my sister-in-laws closet) tights and slippers

Following : friends on Pinterest, man I love that website (just found out you can send pins to friends – whaat?)
Noticing : a fierce personality on C2
Craving : sunshine, the grey is making me lazy
Bookmarking : valentine’s day crafts

Opening: another bag of milk, we should invest in a cow

Feeling: heavy, still working at getting some of this weight off


2 thoughts on “Taking Stock :: February

  1. megan says:

    It’s awesome sending pins you see to other people. And I’m a little jealous to hear C3 is sleeping through…Nathan sure isn’t!

    • davecamp3 says:

      well, we all know that sleeping through the night is always subject to change 😉 I put her down at 10:30-11 and she is up at 6:30-7am right now!!! won’t complain about that

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