One More Minute

Last night I was up with a babe. Our sweet little angel (C3) generally sleeps through the night, however the past few nights a stuffy nose has been interrupting her slumber. A cuddle and rock and she was back to sleep in no time, but I wanted (needed) just one more minute. One more minute to breathe in her delicious scent. One more minute to kiss her soft little head. One more minute to nuzzle her warm little body. One more minute to just hold her close and savour the moment. Maybe because I feel C1 is now so independent? Or because C2 grew up too quickly? Perhaps maybe C3 could be our last? Or maybe just because I love babies and being a mom. One more minute turned into almost an hour of cuddling, rocking, and admittedly, a few small tears of happiness. I know my dad sent me these little angels, and I appreciate every. single. minute. 


Sweet Rewards

Today we have done nothing but sit on the potty, walk around the potty, throw the potty, refuse the potty, and change both big girl undies and pants. The girls and I welcomed lunch and nap time with open arms. C2 needed a good sleep and Mama needed sugar. 

I have this cousin (married in, but truly feels like a sis) who loves to bake just as much as I do (yes, the truth). She shares some pretty tasty, never fail recipes so when I received this recipe I knew I had to try it asap. Like always it was amazing (and surprisingly not too sweet), just what I needed with my afternoon coffee and a good reward for lil Miss’ for all her efforts this morning when she wakes up. Thanks Caroline!!!!!


Naptime Sprint

I am not overly talented, nor athletic, however if there were an Olympic event labelled “Naptime Sprint” I think I would have a shot at the podium. With three small kiddos I heavily rely on naptime to get things accomplished. Somedays I choose to “nurse” long after C3 is asleep and surf the internet, but most days I give a tuck-in and RUN! (seriously) All three peeps are home on this snowy Saturday, with hubby away and a pending play-date tomorrow I needed to get a few things accomplished. During today’s nap I…….

1. Shovelled the driveway – I brought the monitor outside and literally ran back and forth shoveling the snow. I would say we had at least 10 cm in the driveway, lucky for me it was a light powdery snow (I felt like ironwoman);

2. Did two loads of laundry;

3. Changed the sheets and made two beds;

4. Washed the dishes (last night’s sticky pots and pans)

5. Made cinnamon buns (I had a certain little boy begging for them);

6. Organized a dresser (a certain baby is growing at an expediential rate);

7. Emailed a bestie, surfed Pinterest, had a Facebook check-in and updated a certain blog.

MOM FOR THE WIN………….now for another cup of coffee. Sitting down with a hot cup will guarantee at least one waking up, and quite frankly I could use a cuddle 🙂





Anyone who knows me, knows very well that I love homemade, homemade anything. Whether it be food, gifts, clothes, there is just something so special about receiving an item that was made made for you, with you in mind. For Christmas this year my wonderful mother-in-law (if you know her you obviously agree) knit our family sweaters (well hubby’s technically wasn’t for Christmas, although he loves it so much he now has two in different colours). C1 will fight me to take his off, I can slide C2’s on over her pony, C3’s looks just stinkin’ adorable on her and on chilly days like today mine is a staple. Nanny taught myself and Aunt K how to knit, and let’s just say I am falling terribly behind. Stay tuned for another post showcasing Aunt K’s amazing knitted blankets (to die for!!)

Taking Stock :: February

Making : a whole lotta mess while cleaning out and organizing closets

Baking: banana sour cream cake with cream cheese frosting
Drinking : water (but mostly coffee today)
Reading :  Clara Callan by Richard B. Wright

Listening: to the country station (hubby wants to familiarize himself with some “new” country)

Wanting : to put  a dent in my l-o-n-g to-do list

Looking : at my walls and realizing I need to get C3 pictures up there

Sharing : pots of coffee with hubby this weekend (hence catching up on my water eek)
Playing : “Frozen” ie pulling out jewelry and blankets so the kiddies can have necklaces and cloaks to dance around the living room in

Wishing : my girlfriends (and sissys) lived closer

Enjoying : the cold weather and using it as an excuse to stay shacked up in comfy clothes with my family

Waiting : for all three to wake up from naptime so we can snuggle

Liking : that C2 is finally at the age where she can participate in crafts and organized activities with C1
Wondering : if C2 is going to get the hang of this potty business
Loving : our happy, sweet, angel of a baby who smiles, cooes and sleeps through the night
Hoping: my kiddos will be friends as they get older
Marveling: at how big C3 is (wearing C2 that she wore at 8 months!!)
Needing : to clean

Smelling : coffee…mmmm

Wearing : sweater dress (that I stole from my sister-in-laws closet) tights and slippers

Following : friends on Pinterest, man I love that website (just found out you can send pins to friends – whaat?)
Noticing : a fierce personality on C2
Craving : sunshine, the grey is making me lazy
Bookmarking : valentine’s day crafts

Opening: another bag of milk, we should invest in a cow

Feeling: heavy, still working at getting some of this weight off