Taking Stock :: January 2015

Making: piles to donate
Drinking: water
Reading: Today’s Parent
Wanting: my house to clean itself
Looking: at Christmas decorations to be put away
Playing: with a lot of puzzles
Wishing: my mom could swing by for supper….she’s in Thailand
Enjoying: the smiles of the happiest baby I have ever seen
Waiting: for everyone to be back to good health
Liking: the plaid blanket scarves that are in style this year
Wondering: who C3 is going to look like
Loving: having Daddy home every day this holiday
Hoping: one bout of sickness is all our house will get this season
Marveling: at how fast this babe is growing
Needing: pants, jeans…..not leggings or skinny tights…just normal pants!
Smelling: stinky toots (good thing this babe is so cute)
Wearing: new Christmas comfies
Following: new Pinterest friends
Noticing: grey hairs
Thinking: as usual, how lucky we are
Bookmarking: winter toddler activities
Opening: new undies and socks
Feeling: heavy, need to get some weight off
Thankful: for awesome family to care for us while sick (thanks Nanny)


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