New Year

Another year has come and gone. They go so quickly don’t they? 2014 was another great one for our family. A little babe turned one, a big boy started school, a new babe was born. Here’s hoping we are blessed for a happy and healthy 2015. As 2014 draws to a close I can’t help but feel excited for the new year. I’m sure I’m not alone when I view it as a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning. I, like many others, have found myself making a mental list of “Resolutions”, things to change, things to start doing, things to eliminate. In one breath I found myself vowing to be more care-free, and in the next I’m promising to stay on top of all the cleaning. HA

With three babes and a hubby sharing my life and time I’ve decided to take a different approach this year. Instead of Resolutions to stick to (and feel terrible about when another year passes and I haven’t stayed true) I will make a simple lift of goals….let’s call it my “New Year Try List” that way even if I only accomplish one thing or fail miserably at another at least I tried!!!

~ Be nice, all the time, to everyone (even when tired or grumpy)

~ Play with my kids (instead of cleaning what they are trying to play with)

~ Hang out with my sisters more often

~ Call (not Facebook, email or text) my friends

~ Remember the romance (so easy to forget at the end of a tiring day)

~ Don’t forget me (take the bath, the extra 10 minutes to straighten my hair)

~ Stop making ridiculous to-do lists

~ Be healthier (food and exercise)

~ Make the most of each day

Simple and attainable, right? I’ll sure try.

Happy New Years Eve!! I hope you spend it surrounded by loved ones.


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