December :: Taking Stock

Making : a Christmas wreath (Pinterest win?)

Drinking : coffee (probably too much)
Reading : nothing (sorry bookclub)
Wanting : my mom to be home for Christmas
Looking : at our wonderfully imperfect kid decorated tree
Sharing : everything I eat (I’m followed by a little girl with a big appetite)
Playing : “let’s clean up and donate some of our toys” (I often play alone)

Sewing : matching sleepsacks for my little ladies

Wishing : for a safe and healthy Christmas

Enjoying : the arrival of December and all the excitement it bring for kiddies

Waiting : for eye-teeth (come on you little bastards)

Liking : this mild weather (makes bus stop trips less bundled)
Wondering : who C3 is going to look like (she’s totally different then C1, C2)
Loving : family time and starting new traditions with mine
Hoping : that C1’s thoughtfulness and kindness rubs off on his siblings (such a sweetheart)
Marveling : at how an almost 2 month old babe lights up and smiles at the sound of her brother and sister’s voices (melts my heart)
Needing : a hair-cut and some new duds
Smelling : freshly bathed Burt’s Bees baby
Wearing : stretch pants, t-shirt and my housecoat (mom uniform?)

Following : the mom-swap a little too closely (don’t need anymore crap!)
Noticing : how chubby our baby girl is getting
Craving : a mint hot chocolate from Starbucks
Bookmarking : Christmas cookie recipes
Opening : boxes of Christmas decorations
Feeling : excited. Christmas becomes magical again once you have children




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