I have been a terrible blogger as of late. Three kids leaves little time for composing thoughts on the internet…..who knew? ha ha

Today was a very exciting day at our house. When we woke up there was SNOW on the ground. There was talk of snowmen and sledding, baking and skating…..I did have to break the news that this first snowfall would not last but winter was on its way and there would be plenty of time for all the fun winter activities.

I must confess that I once despised winter. I’m not sure if being a stay-at-home mom has changed my tune, or the fact that I now have kids that get so excited for it, but I have really warmed up to the cold. The sun reflecting off the white yard gave my kitchen a warm cozy glow and, I too, got a little excited this morning. Thinking of decorating and Christmas movies, baking and snuggling under blankets.

Here’s to the upcoming fun of winter!!!


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