Taking Stock :: November

Making : muffins & an egg bake…..when the oven’s hot I get as much in as I can

Drinking : water
Reading : Scooby Doo books (we are going through a phase)

Listening: to the suckling of a nursing babe

Wanting : the bus to come right to my driveway to pick-up/drop-off C1

Looking : houses and recipes………my go to

Sharing : Halloween candy with the hubby when the kiddies go to bed

Enjoying : my sweet little newborn and our quiet times in the morning and at night nursing and cuddling

Wondering : if C3 will look like C2

Hoping: that C1 doesn’t bring home head lice (its going around the schools)

Marveling: at how fast a little baby can change

Needing : time to slow d-o-w-n

Smelling : Burt’s Bees baby shampoo (it was bath night in our house and everyone uses it)

Wearing : yoga pants and hoodie – the mom uniform

Noticing : my body shedding some baby weight

Craving: coffee

Opening: a dirty Planetbox….one small child can destroy a lunch bag in one day

Feeling: very lucky to have all that I do


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