Rainy Saturday

I love a random rainy Saturday with no plans. Today I stayed in my jammies until 1pm. Daddy and C1 went for a bike ride while C2 and I napped, I cleaned out closets, did some laundry, turned our living room floor into sea of blankets and pillows and we had a family movie afternoon (Daddy may have nodded off) complete with cuddles and a picnic. We played in the leaves and made fall soup (with leaves and mud of course). I want to call it a lazy day, but I can’t really as we did get quite a lot accomplished. I love days like today. It was a calm before the storm………..cause let’s face it, things are going to get hectic in the near future.

I have been spending a bit of time cuddled up at nights with my tablet surfing Pinterest. We tried a few recipes out this weekend, and, like most, they came out awesome. We made these pork-chops for supper: http://completerecipes.com/Pork-Chops-Yum-Yum.html

And made this for dessert:


we omitted the pineapple and nuts and added raisins and it was amazing!!!

A bath, play wrestle, stories and a tuck in later and here I am………..feet up in a quiet house. Daddio and I have set 10pm as the adult bedtime!

It sure is nice to have a quiet house and free time…………..but that is highly over-rated…….I’d like a baby now please 🙂




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