Taking Stock // October

Making : nursery art (or at least trying)

Drinking : cranberry orange tea
Reading : my birth stories from C1 and C2 (pasted in baby books)

Listening: to Mumford & Sons (it’s been playing all day on repeat and yet I’m still not sick of it)

Wanting : to be able to wear normal pants again  (I love being pregnant, but I’m huge!!)

Looking : for a decent winter hat that covers the ears of a 4 year old (harder than you think!)
Sharing : baked goods with the neighbours (apples + pumpkin = lots of baking)
Playing : a lot of “dolly” and “baby” with C2, prepping for the real thing

Wishing : for a safe healthy delivery

Enjoying : eating like a 39 week pregnant woman (basically everything and anything I want)

Waiting : for this sweet baby to enter the world

Liking : all the adorable patterned tights out there, fun and comfy!
Wondering : what kind of winter we are going to have, and how taking 3 kids to the bus stop will work out!!
Loving : that C2 is following me around waddling like a penguin, mocking her mama
Hoping: everyone adjusts well to a new lil’ babe in the house
Marveling: at how beautiful fall really is
Needing : nothing really…….

Smelling : our latest pinterest recipe we had for dinner (ground beef & pasta skillet)

Wearing : pajamas

Following : an 18 month old around to ensure she is staying out of trouble
Noticing : a grey hair!!! I am totally ok with it I may add.
Craving : Mary Brown’s Big Mary, brownies, cold crunchy grapes, anything with cream cheese frosting, A&W mama burger, Bubba’s poutine, goat cheese, fruit salad…..you get the idea
Bookmarking : activities to keep an 18+ month old busy all winter

Opening: my wallet a lot, seems like we are doing LOTS of shopping these days, walking the mall and killing time before babe comes

Feeling: anxious – come on baby!!!


2 thoughts on “Taking Stock // October

  1. Jackie Ruby says:

    It will not be long now.Hoping everything goes smoothly for you.Wish
    we lived closer , I could help to bring Charlie to the bus stop or look after the other kiddies. Love &Kisses from Jackie.

    • davecamp3 says:

      Oh Aunt Jackie that would be wonderful wouldn’t it? 🙂 Daddy has been really great about taking him in the morning and Nanny Campbell is on-call for the delivery and week afterwards.

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