Taking Stock :: September

Making : to do lists
Drinking : water
Reading :  old Today’s Parent magazines

Listening: to the air conditioning working overtime to cool down this hot pregnant mama

Wanting : a self cleaning house

Looking : at vehicles, still
Sharing : lunch ideas with friends (I’ve been pinning like a mad woman)
Playing : nothing really, just a lot of story time around our house these days

Wishing : September and October stay warm

Enjoying : the last days of summer

Waiting : to put the nursery together (I’m nesting!!)

Liking : that C1 gets to start school a week after the bigs kids, so things are so hectic
Wondering : how C1 will adjust to full day kindergarten
Loving : strangers smiles as I waddle my pregnant self around
Hoping: we have a healthy happy babe in a month or so
Marveling: at how in just a few weeks C2 has grown up sooo much, speech, independance, knowledge
Needing : a pedicure and wax

Smelling : bacon (its BLT season!!)

Wearing : sundress

Following : great blogs by moms with three plus kids
Noticing : the trees already starting to change
Craving : chicken wings with blue cheese dressing
Bookmarking : neutral nursery ideas

Opening: bins of fall clothes to be sorted and washed

Feeling: a bit puffy but happy


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