Remember how I mentioned I was craving chocolate cake? C1 randomly suggested that we bake a cake for dessert tonight. I think he could sense my desire for chocolate! I was raised on big Sunday family dinners and we try to do the same around here. Sunday means a hearty sit down meal including, of course, dessert. So tonight we made this :


C1 helped me mix, ice and decorate (and he did ask for the centre where all the sprinkles ended up) while C2 did nothing but stick her fingers in the icing bowl (we still permitted her to have a taste of the final product)

While the oven was on and hot I also made a tray of zucchini banana bars. I’ve made this recipe before and it is delish! This time I opted out of the glaze as my intention was to cut into squares and freeze for C1’s lunch (which is only a few short weeks may I add!!) . Trust me when I say that it is MUCH better WITH the glaze. Just adds that extra “umph”.

I have the recipe Pinned as its a go-to when I have zucchini in the house……….


 and I will confess that the taste corner has grown a bit since this picture was taken.

Baked goods + pregnant mama = trouble!






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