Taking Stock :: August

Making : piles to be donated (decluttering + nesting = a lot of piles)
Drinking : milk
Reading :  Today’s Parent Magazine (back-to-school tips)

Listening: to the silence of two sleeping babies

Wanting : to snuggle with my hubby

Looking : at weekend getaways for C and I for a babymoon
Sharing : my homemade jam with neighbours
Playing : not so much playing, but preparing C1 for kindergarten with games

Wishing : I wasn’t so hard on myself for letting C’s watch tv. Dear Amy: It’s okay, all children watch some television, its a chance for them to relax for 1/2 hour while you cook supper…………especially if its educational”

Enjoying : the constant waves and jabs coming from my tummy

Waiting : for windows

Liking : all the adorable clothes for kids (Carters has the sweetest little boy clothes)
Wondering : if Claire will be at home playing with a little sister or little brother??
Loving : that my sweet little girl is a snuggler (and a mama’s girl)
Hoping: it warms up again for the last few weeks of summer (not crazy hot, but warmer)
Marveling: at how grown-up and independant my little man has become
Needing : to clean my house (thoroughly)

Smelling : the garbage (we had salmon yesterday, thank god tomorrow is garbage day)

Wearing : long sleeve jammies (go home Fall, you’re drunk – it was 12 degrees today!)

Following : my mom swap too closely….I feel like everything is “such” a good deal
Noticing : leaves falling off our trees
Craving : chocolate cake with chocolate icing (ugh oh)
Bookmarking : school lunch ideas on Pinterest

Opening: new undies and socks to be washed in preparation for school!!

Feeling: a little more pregnant than last month


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