Busy with…

My sister called and gave me heck for not updating my blog. “What are you doing that you are too busy to blog?” she asked jokingly. Well………..

a lot of this:


diapers, diapers and oh, a few more diapers…..but thank god for the power of the sun. I love WHITE whites


a little of this:

P1140986 P1140985

berry picking with my littles, despite the empty baskets a few made it home


too much of this:



I better not see another strawberry until June 2015! Jam, baked goods and even a head start on some baby puree for C3


just enough of this:


caffeine and quiet time with my hubby


a perfect amount of:

P1140693 P1140702 P1140728 P1140811 P1150005 P1150076

time with family and friends, enjoying the summer and the sunshine


which leaves us all needing lots of this:


………..until another quiet night or rainy day ~ get out there and enjoy your summer!!


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