Taking Stock :: July


Making : nut-free granola bars (testing out some recipes in preparation for a nut-free school)
Drinking : water
Reading :  10 Years A Slave

Listening: to hubby cut the lawn

Wanting : C1 to pick up his toys at the end of the day without a challenge

Looking : for a house (sigh, are you out there??)
Sharing : a Lindt Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt chocolate bar with my main squeeze (seriously go buy one)
Playing : a lot of pretend restaurant with a certain little man (I eat whatever toys he mixes into pretend soup)

Wishing : I could fly to Newfoundland every couple of months to hang out with my fam

Enjoying : my freedom. Summer hasn’t felt this long since I was a kid 🙂

Waiting : for my monthly magazines (niece has a fundraiser each year and I stock up)

Liking : that both kiddies are totally tuckered at day end are both in bed and asleep by 7pm
Wondering : what gender our sweet #3 is going to be
Loving : being pregnant, I truly love every minute of it
Hoping: the weather is nice next week for our “Ladies Week” of fun with the kiddies
Marveling: at how much fun Big C and C1 have play wrestling for hours
Needing : absolutely nothing, how wonderful is that?

Smelling : fresh cut grass and granola bars……not a bad combo really

Wearing : yet another striped sundress (I need a stripe intervention)

Following : “Oh She Glows” Angela Liddon – google her, she has awesome recipes and is super cute!!
Noticing : how long my hair is getting (which in turn makes me want to cut it off again!!)
Craving : anything lemon or citrus
Bookmarking : baby room ideas and preserving recipes

Opening: another banana popscicle (nom nom)

Feeling: very content




2 thoughts on “Taking Stock :: July

  1. PJ says:

    I love your blogs……knowing that one member of our family is normal relieves me. While I am storm chasing and running the Harley hard you keep me grounded with your granola insight. Love you more than you could imagine…glad you are part of me xo P

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