Taking Stock :: June

Making : a June to-do-list
Drinking : coffee
Reading : Ann Douglas – The Mother of All Baby Books (she’s amazing and was speaking this past weekend and I missed her!!)
Wanting : C3 to poop in the potty and not next to it
Looking : for a 4 plus bedroom house in the country (preferably under the ridiculous prices of $650k+)
Sharing : my nights with a teething baby
Playing : CBC radio 2 (before it gets shut down – booo)

Wishing : It wasn’t a two-hour drive to see all my besties

Enjoying :  this weather, it could stay like this all summer, hot during the day with a cool breeze and cool at night – perfection

Waiting : for my sweet little man to wake up

Liking : that my hair is in a pony tail, no bobby pins required
Wondering : who to vote for
Loving : explaining things to a crazy inquisitive almost 4 year-old
Hoping : that I can let go a little before baby 3 arrives, I want to be a carefree mom about the mess and cleaning, but quite frankly, I LIKE clean and tidy, it feels good
Marveling: at the power of the sun. Cloth diapers go out stained and come back in sparkling white – amazing
Needing : more summer maternity clothes
Smelling : rhubarb muffins (thank you to our little city garden)
Wearing : my new striped maternity maxi from my kid free shopping morning on Saturday in Kingston (thanks Daddy and Nanny)
Following :bloggers and the always depressing news (so lucky to live in Canada)
Noticing : that I missed yet another phone date with a friend – I am terrible with the phone!
Craving : Mary Brown’s Big Mary – definitely a Newfie thing
Bookmarking : Pinterest recipes (always)
Opening : some new Arbonne sunscreen
Feeling : those beautiful little flips and swirls of our precious little peanut in my belly

Excited: for summer to finally be here!!!


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