Exploring the Bump

C2 and C3 have been very interested in my bump as it grows. C2 has been through this before and I am surprised at how much he remembers. A year can be a long time for a little kid. He is telling C3 about the baby in mom’s belly and explaining that we have to be gentle and give it hugs and kisses, oh, and of course, take a peak in the belly button, because as every little person suspects, it IS in that little hole! ha

babes belly



Taking Stock :: June

Making : a June to-do-list
Drinking : coffee
Reading : Ann Douglas – The Mother of All Baby Books (she’s amazing and was speaking this past weekend and I missed her!!)
Wanting : C3 to poop in the potty and not next to it
Looking : for a 4 plus bedroom house in the country (preferably under the ridiculous prices of $650k+)
Sharing : my nights with a teething baby
Playing : CBC radio 2 (before it gets shut down – booo)

Wishing : It wasn’t a two-hour drive to see all my besties

Enjoying : ┬áthis weather, it could stay like this all summer, hot during the day with a cool breeze and cool at night – perfection

Waiting : for my sweet little man to wake up

Liking : that my hair is in a pony tail, no bobby pins required
Wondering : who to vote for
Loving : explaining things to a crazy inquisitive almost 4 year-old
Hoping : that I can let go a little before baby 3 arrives, I want to be a carefree mom about the mess and cleaning, but quite frankly, I LIKE clean and tidy, it feels good
Marveling: at the power of the sun. Cloth diapers go out stained and come back in sparkling white – amazing
Needing : more summer maternity clothes
Smelling : rhubarb muffins (thank you to our little city garden)
Wearing : my new striped maternity maxi from my kid free shopping morning on Saturday in Kingston (thanks Daddy and Nanny)
Following :bloggers and the always depressing news (so lucky to live in Canada)
Noticing : that I missed yet another phone date with a friend – I am terrible with the phone!
Craving : Mary Brown’s Big Mary – definitely a Newfie thing
Bookmarking : Pinterest recipes (always)
Opening : some new Arbonne sunscreen
Feeling : those beautiful little flips and swirls of our precious little peanut in my belly

Excited: for summer to finally be here!!!