Free Weekend

We started our weekend with no plans, no daddy (headed to Kingston for two shows), no cleaning or laundry to be completed and no yard work to do (gasp! with all the beautiful weather we are all caught up) Could it possibly be? A completely free weekend with nothing to do? You bet! Funny how you can fill your time so quickly……

On Saturday We:

  • Went grocery shopping at 7:30 am (thank you Metro for being open early and luring us in with your fresh baked bread) 
  • Wandered through our Farmer’s Market (Ptbo’s is awesome) picked up lots of fresh veggies (kale, asparagus, lettuce) and a few non-veggie items (a homemade donut and some Taste of Russia perogies) 
  • Stopped at Fabricland (I did exercise restraint) and purchased some new fabric for C2’s lightweight summer sleeping bag/sack (this kid always needs to be sleeping in a bag of sorts) 
  • Purchased some balloons for a Pinterest project (see pictures below) 
  • Visited with the neighbours 
  • Walked to the park 
  • Snuggled in bed and read Alligator Pie 
  • talked about our favorite parts of the day

On Sunday We: 

  • Slept in
  • Made berry kale smoothies
  • Played in the backyard (filled the sand and water table up and then proceeded to empty it of  all its contents – that’s a boy for ya)
  • Played in our cozy cottage
  • Made fruit and coconut water popsicle (just chop up fruit, place inside a popsicle mold and fill with coconut water, freeze) 
  • Had a two-hour family nap
  • Visited with Daddy when he came home
  • BBQ’d yet another awesome dinner
  • Went for a family walk and a trip to the park

Perfection. I think we may start having “free weekends” more often. 








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