Big Boy

This week we took our big boy to school. That’s right SCHOOL! It was the parent and child information night. I thought I was ready. Excited even. Turns out I was the was overwhelmed and everyone else was fine. C1, C2 and C3 played at the exercise stations while I took in all the info. The teachers were amazing. Two female teachers who seemed full of energy and very fun. I already signed up to volunteer in the classroom (yes, I am THAT mom) and took down a short mental list of the things that will make both teacher and student’s life easier. (For anyone with kids starting school take note)

– easy to open, labelled lunch containers (snack 1, snack 2)

– velcro shoes

– no snap or tough zippered pants

– limit buttons when possible

– mabel labels on everything

C2 may be, but am I ready for him to go to school???




2 thoughts on “Big Boy

  1. Megan says:

    I fully agree with that entire list. Also non-leaking easy to use water bottles. Avoid juice boxes if you can and definitely, definitely NO laces! The transition is always harder on the moms. I go back to work from this mat leave with Nick starting school. I’m a teacher and I will lose it. Don’t be hard on yourself!

  2. davecamp3 says:

    ha ha thanks Meg! I never really thought of it before but if one or two teachers have to tie 20 + pairs of laces every time they go outside it would be insane! I am excited for him, but sad that he is so grown up 😦

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