:: Thankful ::

I am thankful. So thankful. Every now and then I think we all need to take a day to reflect on how truly lucky we are. I am thankful for so many things, in no particular order:

My Children: They are truly the light of my life. I wonder how I functioned or what I did with my life before they entered it. I love them so much it is sometimes overwhelming. They make me smile, laugh, cry. They make me feel whole.

My Husband: My best friend, partner, co-worker and rock. He is MY person, and he is amazing. We have been together almost 15 years. We tick together and have grown together. He works hard to provide for our family which allows me to raise our children the way we want. He is a wonderful father and watching him care for and play with our children brings tears to my eyes. He is so helpful and even after a full day of work, comes home to help bathe, read and cuddle. I don’t know what I would do without him.

Family and Friends: As quirky as they are (yes my mom just called for the second time this morning and still forgot what she needed to ask me) I love each and every one of them. My parents, my awesome sisters and sister-in-law, my fantastic in-laws, cousins (that really are like siblings) and my friends. Not sure how I lucked into having such incredible friends but thank you to whomever sent these amazing people to me. They have been with me through everything and I can’t think of a hard time or amazing adventure that doesn’t include them.

My Health: Something we all take for granted. I am grateful to be healthy and well, to be able to exercise and come and go as I please, play with my children and go through life medication and problem free. I have been blessed with the ability to conceive problem free, have amazing pregnancies and wonderful (though painful) all natural deliveries resulting in the most beautiful chubby healthy babies. Fingers crossed for number three.

Time: It is the ultimate gift. Not having to rush, drive back and forth, time share, hustle. Having my son ask me if we can have pancakes for breakfast and then go to the park and being able to say “sure” because we have no where to be is truly priceless. I know that not everyone has this luxury, and once again I am truly grateful. I am able to stay at home with my children, raise them on our terms, spend time with them, watch them grow and mold them into amazing little people.

Comfort: Being able to cuddle up in a warm house, to grocery shop, cook and eat amazing food, to go to bed knowing my family is safe, to be able to put money away for our children’s education, take a vacation, treat ourselves. People feel entitled, but the fact is we are lucky, so lucky. All you need to do is watch the news, just one night, and you know.

Coffee: Yup, just had to put that one down here. Things were starting to get heavy and sentimental. I love coffee. It is delicious, and although I despise the smell, flavour and thought of it in the first trimester of any pregnancy, things come around and I fall in love with my dark friend again. Thank you coffee for allowing me to wake up, have energy, and get shit done! ha




2 thoughts on “:: Thankful ::

  1. Paul&Jackie says:

    Amy, you are an amazing young lady,mother, niece, and friend.We are all so lucky to have you in our life.

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