Taking Stock :: May

This week I had a chance to get caught up on all the blogs I follow. I really enjoy the opportunity to get a glimpse into someone else’s world, to see what inspires them and to get creative ideas from another mind. I stumbled upon a blog from a girl I knew of in high school (I was totally creeping your following blogs RM šŸ™‚ This was a little blonde girl I remember flitting around Sydenham, popping into the grocery store to buy a few things for her mom and always seeming so tiny and cute. Well, sometimes I have a habit of forgetting that I am not the only one who ages. Sometimes I bump into my friends’ little siblings and I am totally taken aback by how grown up they are. This girl in particular (who’s blog I stumbled upon) is now a beautiful grown woman, wife, mother and photographer. Yup, I feel old! ha ha Anyhow, she “Takes Stock” every now and then and I think it is a fabulous idea. I am not the only one because I see others are now taking stock as well šŸ™‚ Here it goes (I hope she doesn’t mind…..she strikes me a gal who would be happy to creatively inspire others šŸ™‚

Taking Stock

Making : muffins (I make a least two batches a week)
Drinking : water, to wash down my ice cream
Reading : “Wild” (Cheryl Strayed) and book club book “Reconstructing Amelia” (Kimberly McCreight)
Wanting :answers for my sister, and for her to feel well
Looking : at our photographer’s cd of photos and trying to decide which ones make the wall
Sharing : nothing, my kids are sleeping and I am and eating Haagen Daaz!
Playing : Strumbellas

Sewing : curtains and matching napkins for the kitchen

Wishing : I could be a stork and bring all those wanting children a baby

Enjoying : the warm breeze and little people who take afternoon naps together

Waiting : for my plants to bloom

Liking : that all my friends have/are having babies and they all get to play and grow together
Wondering : if I am preparing and teaching my children as best as I can
Loving : my husband, he is beyond awesome and so good to me and our family
Hoping : that my family remains healthy and happy
Marveling : at how smart a 13 month old can really be
Needing : a hair cut, but patiently growing out this mullet
Smelling : my fresh line dried towels
Wearing : costco yoga pants (they truly are the best) and a hoodie
Following : blogs, Pinterest and the news regarding the meteor that hit (it was pretty cool, the boom had all our neighbours out in their yards)
Noticing : my ceiling fan dust (eeeww)
Craving : another girls night out (I had one Saturday and I already want another)
Bookmarking : MLS houses for hubby to look at when he gets home
Opening :another box of kleenex (I must have allergies)
Feeling : thankful



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