Not Your Mother’s Mac and Cheese!

Winter (besides cuddling) = comfort food. This week I have had a hankering for mac and cheese. My C’s love it and it was C3’s first time šŸ™‚ (she loved it) while I love pasta, I sometimes feel guilty making it as a meal. Not because of the carb business but because it is generally lacking veggies! Sooooo I snuck some butternut squash in there and it was ah-mazing! (no one even knew!)

Sorry, there really isn’t a set recipe but here’s what I do:

Boil a package of macaroni noodles

Shred an entire block of cheese (500g bar), yup, the WHOLE thing

Peel, chop and cube a butternut squash and boil until cooked (then mash or puree)

Dump the macaroni in a covered baker, throw in cheese and mix it through, throw in butternut squash and mix it through. Add a couple of cups of milk, a few good dashes of worchestershire sauce (this is key) salt and pepper and then top with some extra cheese and Italian bread crumbs. Ā Bake at 350 until bubbly and heated through. Mmmmm I can’t wait to eat the leftovers for lunch!



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