Lazy Bones

I must confess, I have been uncharacteristically lazy this week. Don’t get me wrong, I have my lazy days, very unproductive days mixed in to the normal grind, but this week….. total write off so far!! I finished my apron, did some laundry, cleaned out a linen closet, and, well, that’s it. I guess I should probably say “unproductive” as Mom’s don’t actually get to be lazy (the stuff HAS to get done)

C1 (the hubby), has been home, and will be home for 4 weeks!! 🙂 He is taking some pat leave which is fantastic. I love sleeping in (ahhh, there is a warm body next to me when I open my eyes), having coffee breaks, family meals, the help and company. That said, everyday thus far has felt like a Sunday. A freebee day. Yes, I know it is only Wednesday, Hump Day. But for this lady, one of many to-do and craft lists, always-busy-rarely-sitting-still-Mama, it’s been a long week of nothing. The weather isn’t helping. It was -32 outside today. Cripes. No fresh air for us. Just a bunch of cooped up cuddlers.

My sister (P) stopped by this evening. It was great to see her, and after being home for 4 days, she definitely perked me up. If anyone is going to give me energy it’s P. A early 40’s mom who works non-stop and who has more energy then a eager teenager. ha ha

So, my kiddies are in bed, C1 is out plucking his strings,  I just baked some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and I am going to sit (yes, still in comfy clothes, ie the pajamas that I wore all day), watch a show (we sign up for Netflix in the Winter and I have been hooked on the show “Heartland”) and make tomorrow’s to-do list.

It is never too late to turn the week around…..wish me luck!




3 thoughts on “Lazy Bones

  1. Jeane Davis says:

    four weeks… that’s a lifetime…will definitely have my bedroom ceiling finished by next visit….lol
    will post C1 birthday pkg tomorrow…
    Love the apron

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