I’ve been busy….

It has been a busy week and weekend. Lots of cooking, baking and of course eating. C2 and I bake a “special” dessert each Sunday. He gets to choose and nine times out of ten it’s CAKE! We were flipping through some magazines until we spotted a cake that was worthy of C2’s time. It was delicious, not healthy (although we did swap the oil for applesauce), but delicious. I took 1/2 to our play date today and we demolished the leftovers this evening. I highly recommend you try it out:


I’ll be back……lots of recipes to stick on here!



Lazy Bones

I must confess, I have been uncharacteristically lazy this week. Don’t get me wrong, I have my lazy days, very unproductive days mixed in to the normal grind, but this week….. total write off so far!! I finished my apron, did some laundry, cleaned out a linen closet, and, well, that’s it. I guess I should probably say “unproductive” as Mom’s don’t actually get to be lazy (the stuff HAS to get done)

C1 (the hubby), has been home, and will be home for 4 weeks!! 🙂 He is taking some pat leave which is fantastic. I love sleeping in (ahhh, there is a warm body next to me when I open my eyes), having coffee breaks, family meals, the help and company. That said, everyday thus far has felt like a Sunday. A freebee day. Yes, I know it is only Wednesday, Hump Day. But for this lady, one of many to-do and craft lists, always-busy-rarely-sitting-still-Mama, it’s been a long week of nothing. The weather isn’t helping. It was -32 outside today. Cripes. No fresh air for us. Just a bunch of cooped up cuddlers.

My sister (P) stopped by this evening. It was great to see her, and after being home for 4 days, she definitely perked me up. If anyone is going to give me energy it’s P. A early 40’s mom who works non-stop and who has more energy then a eager teenager. ha ha

So, my kiddies are in bed, C1 is out plucking his strings,  I just baked some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and I am going to sit (yes, still in comfy clothes, ie the pajamas that I wore all day), watch a show (we sign up for Netflix in the Winter and I have been hooked on the show “Heartland”) and make tomorrow’s to-do list.

It is never too late to turn the week around…..wish me luck!



Today I…..

Slept In

Had a nice breakfast with my family

Finished my apron (has a bit of a retro feel to it)


Did laundry (loads of it)

Baked Pumpkin Cranberry Nut loaf (no recipe to pass along as NOT all Pinterest recipes are winners)

It tasted how it looked…meh


Gave my baby tofu for the first time

Sat on the couch and read stories and cuddled

A good day.


Who doesn’t love a weekend? Especially one with no plans, no where to be and nothing in particular to do.  We puttered around the house, had a great dinner with friends, read stories, played, ate LOTS, and cuddled.

We are usually so busy that we welcome a weekend like this with open arms.

Saturdays are always good pancake days.  We have a new favourite recipe from the 2014 Milk Calendar. I really like this recipe because the oats make them hearty, a little heavier then our normal fluffy pancake.

Farm Favourite Oatmeal Pancakes.  (2014 Milk Calendar) 

1 1/2 cups oats                             2 cups milk

1/2 cup whole wheat flour     1/2 cup all purpose flour

1 tbsp brown sugar                    1 tbsp baking powder 

1/2 tsp cinnamon                       2 eggs, beaten

1/4 butter, melted                     pinch of salt

In a mixing bowl soak oats and milk for 5 minutes.

Whisk dry ingredients, add melted butter and beaten eggs. 

Add anything you would like (raisins, chocolate chips) 

We love using our cast iron skillet (my husband is slowly getting me hooked on cast iron cookware) it makes the pancake edges a bit crispy.

I usually serve with some berry compote (ie, frozen mixed berries thrown in a saucepan with a teaspoon of sugar and boiled until it makes a sauce – nothin’ fancy bout that!!)


Remember how I said we played? We have a playroom full of toys (maybe two toys purchased by us, the parents) and the kiddies love playing with them, but there is just something about a cardboard box that little ones cannot pass up.

We had a box, C2 liked it, C3 liked it. I consulted Pinterest (surprise, surprise) and poked some holes in the top for a set of Christmas lights. Ta da! These two really do light up my life (ah, how mushy), and even though C2 gets a bit impatient with the lil’ Miss crowding his space, he is tolerable enough for sweet moments like these


And, we ended the weekend with this deliciousness


Bacon and Shrimp Carbonara (If you are going to eat pasta, make it count!!) No real recipe, just a lazy Sunday thrown down. We sauteed garlic and onions in butter, threw in some shrimp and bacon (husband + cast iron) dropped some pasta, opened a jar of PC Carbonara pasta sauce (gasp! from a jar) and some Alymers garlic and olive oil stewed tomatoes (no salt) and topped with fresh grated parmesan (just say no to Kraft) I ate two helpings….my pasta craving I do believe has been satisfied, for this week at least.

And, well, I lied…………..we truly ended our weekend with THIS


Pretty decent wrap up I’d say!

Cheese Trains

Enzymes, Annatto, Autolyzed Yeast, Ammonium Bicarbonate………. just a few ingredients found in Goldfish Crackers that I am unfamiliar with. Yes, I could Google them.  Yes, they may not be as scary as they sound. But why bother when I can make my own. Fresh, simple ingredients and the best part…….they only last a few days. (don’t get me started on the shelf-life of packaged food)

C2 and I make Cheese Trains at least once every two weeks  (these are also baby friendly – C3 approved)

1 cup flour (white or whole wheat)

1/4 cup cold, cubed butter

2 cups of grated cheese (I use old because it tastes sharper….shh don’t tell Mini C)

a pinch of salt

2 tbsp cold water

Pulse everything together in food processor until crumbly (I use magic bullet – much easier to clean) Pulse in water 1 tbsp at a time.  Form into a ball (take your rings off and get your hands in there!!) Cover in plastic wrap and chill.


Roll out dough and use whatever mini cookie cutter you wish (Bulk Barn has great mini ones, we either use train or turtle) Bake at 350 until crispy (or looking a bit brown) The thinner you roll it and longer you cook the crispier the cracker. The fatter the dough and a quick cook will result in more of a dense shortbread texture.  Ours live in a mason jar on the counter…..but not for long.




Bins and bins of craft supplies are on the chopping block. Use it up or out it goes. Pinterest has been helping.

1 pool noodle cut to size

duct tape


felt flowers

straight pins

Wreath 3

The result, a not so shabby wreath. I used white and pinned the flowers instead of gluing so that I can change with the seasons. I am a lazy crafter 🙂

Wreath 2

Well, here goes nothing

I caved. Perhaps embraced. Time after time people have told me to “just start a blog already”.  Here’s the truth…..I was scared. The internet is a scary place (ha), but after printing and forwarding one recipe to six different people, it makes sense. So, here is goes………I’m new, and have no idea what I am doing. Good start huh?